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The World Art Project blog is a forum dedicated to helping Katrina Victims share the experience and journey of a group of Professional Actors, Singers and Performers who traveled to the Gulf Coast to help uplift the spirits of those surviors. Our hope is to provide insight, knowledge and offer way for readers to get involved and help in forms of Donations, support or expression of opinions and feelings.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I was asked to join wunderwomen, Liza Politi in creating her brainchild idea, The World Art Project Tour, under the umbrella of the Statement Arts. This road trip would find itself in the hardest hit region of Mississippi and Louisiana, after Katrina stormed through the area, uprooting trees, buildings, the land and most saddening the many lives that inhabited this region. They are fighters, they know Hurricanes, but this one was different. It's devastation has left in it's path those struggling to continue to rebuild and searching to replant the roots of a community once strongly melded in the tradition of the South.

From all of this sprang hope and help from around the nation. And now, a troupe of New York City Professional singers, actors, song writers, talent with a desire to help our friends South of the Mason Dixon line. Lead by Liza, they are headed down to sing, perform and help where they can. I've had the opportunity to help organize this trip and I wish I could go, but I'll be following along via this journal to observe their journey and know that despite the sorrow there might be a silver lining for those hardest hit. Join me, as we watch, discuss and cheer our on this generous group of individuals December 11th - December 18th. Their first stop is to meet with Disastercorps, a group founded by the fearless leader, Stephanie Spencer. Having weathered two Hurricanes that took all she had, Stephanie continues to pave a path of renewal and hope for those living in Bay St. Louis, MS and Waveland, MS.

Please help them fund this effort, DONATE if you can or send your comments and wishes to our blog.

Happy Holidays!



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