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The World Art Project blog is a forum dedicated to helping Katrina Victims share the experience and journey of a group of Professional Actors, Singers and Performers who traveled to the Gulf Coast to help uplift the spirits of those surviors. Our hope is to provide insight, knowledge and offer way for readers to get involved and help in forms of Donations, support or expression of opinions and feelings.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

From Sarah... Can you Believe it has been only six weeks?

To think Liza and I started this mission just six weeks ago. And other days the truth is very real, with fourteen hour days, lack of sleep due to excitement and schedule changes and travel. That being said, so much can get done when many people help. It reminds me of a Quaker saying my Aunt Neva use to say that I think I said at one of our first meetings. "Many hands make light work". And Boy have I ever seen it to be true up to now.
In this mere time we found a tireless law firm: Debevoise and Plimpton LLP, a PR firm: Swan LLC who were on the ball from the get go, A web master: John Deely who can turn out a site like no ones business , a designer: Jason Kamps at Woof design with creativity to spare, a Fiscal Sponsor: The Field who make our donations possible, A Musical Director: Sara Krieger who keeps our singers connected, a Documentary Team: Malindi Fickle, Kris Leinert, Kari, and Louisa with a compassionate vision, a Producing Team: Stephanie Schrader and Margaret Baillet found keep our loose ends together, and our singers who will carol us all the way from north to south. And I can't wait to meet the great folks from Disaster Corps. And I mustn’t neglect David Margolin Lawson: our sound engineerand Nik Munson:who lent his beautiful voice together with our crew indefatigably last night recorded our version of "Joy To The World" at David's studio. Check out the song! I am so grateful to be part of this talented extraordinary bunch of people.

The Holidays can be a splendid time of year Full of love and tradition. The last few years of my life this has been brought home to me over and over again. What is precious has been very clear to me. Remembering to take a moment everyday to stop and remember what I am thankful for and I am truly thankful for all the generous, generous help I have encountered along these last three months. I truly look forward to meeting everyone when I arrive. Happy Holidays!!

With Much Love and Light
And Anticipation
Sarah Hamilton
Executive Director

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