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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Letter from Santa

Dear boys and girls of all ages,
As you all know this is Santa's busiest time of year. Christmas is drawing near and I've been very busy up in the North Pole. There's so much to do! Keeping watch over the elves as they hurry to finish their toy making. Making sure the reindeer are well fed and getting their rest. And, reading all the letters I get from boys and girls from all around the world. You know, I get so many sent to me up here in the North Pole that I have my own post office! I try to read every letter I get before Christmas Eve, even if I don't have time to answer them all.

One letter in particular touched me this year. It was from a young woman named Liza Politi. She lives in New York City. She wrote to tell me that she and some of her friends who love to sing and tell stories were going on a bus trip down to the Gulf Coast to spread some holiday cheer to children and their families who had been affected by Hurricane Katrina. They were planning to go to many different places to sing Christmas songs, tell Christmas stories, and let everyone down there know that they had friends from all over who were thinking of them and wishing them well during their difficult time.

I smiled from ear to ear when I read this! It warms my heart so much when I hear about people doing such good deeds for one another. Liza then asked me for a special gift. She and her friends were planning to stop at the Kiln Library in Kiln, Mississippi to perform for a group of children who had been displaced from their homes because of the hurricane. She said it would mean a lot if Santa could make his way down to the Kiln before Christmas to see the children and let them know I had not forgotten them. Well boys and girls, I decided if Liza and her friends could take time to come all the way down from New York City then surely I could make my way down from the North Pole for a special visit before Christmas.

I gave my reindeer some extra feed, hitched them to my sleigh, and away I went! Dashing through the snow, I managed to make it all the way down south in record time. I arrived at the Kiln Library just as Liza and her friends were finishing their songs and storytelling. My goodness, those boys and girls were sure surprised to see me. I never saw such a clamor! They helped me carry in my big sack full of books I brought for their library, as many of theirs had been lost in the hurricane. Then we sat down and had a nice visit. I had so much fun sitting with the children. Having our pictures taken together, and listening to their Christmas wishes.

You know so many of the boys and girls had lost everything in the hurricane, including their toys. Yet, they were all cheerful and happy. And, they asked for nothing special for Christmas this year. Well, except for a few 4X4 trucks, and 2 wheeler bikes. Oh, and Barbie dolls! Ho, Ho, Ho! Now don't you worry, children. My elves will work extra hard to get all those toys ready by Christmas. I was having so much fun, but I had to get back home and get to work. So, I filled my sack with all the wonderful pictures the children drew for me, and dashed off to fetch my reindeer.

Well boys and girls, I'm back at the North Pole now getting ready for Christmas. I want to thank Liza and her friends for being so kind and spreading holiday cheer all along the Gulf Coast this year. And, I especially want to thank all the boys and girls I met at the Kiln for being so good. I was so happy to see each and every one of you. Thank you for your wonderful pictures, and especially all your wonderful hugs! You made Santa's day!

And thanks to everyone around the world who has reached out to the people who have been affected by the hurricanes. My wish for you is that you continue to reach out whenever and however you can. It means so much to them. More than you will ever know. Be good to each other, and love each other as much as you can. Oh, and Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Happy Holidays and Much Love,


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