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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Affirmation of Faith"

I believe in people.

I believe that in the darkest times, people can reach out thru the darkness and find another person's hand, and that is hope. And that is faith. And that is light.

I believe that it is possible to smile and sing and laugh and dance even when you've been living in a tent for three and a half months, when FEMA still hasn't given you a trailer, when it rained and thunderstormed the nite before, and your tent collapsed in on you and you had to sleep that nite in the cold, wet mud--I believe.

I believe that human kindness and goodness can persist after seeing nothing but debris for miles and miles and months and months.

I believe in rebuilding; I believe in rebirth. I believe in creation--creating songs to sing on cold, lonely nites, creating love in the most devastated places, creating communities who trust again.

I believe in the little boy at the library, who couldn't tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas because he thought whatever he asked for would only be destroyed, like all his other toys were. And I believe in the little boy who, when invited to pick out a single toy for Christmas, picked out a pink toy, because that was his sister's favorite.

I believe in the man who runs the liquor store, who couldn't bare to cry, but managed to mumble that people coming in to sing for him was the nicest thing any one had done for him in his whole life.

I believe in the little girl who is too shy to sing, and I believe in the boy who loves to dance.

I believe in chance, and I believe in luck. I believe in good fortune and good blessings. I believe in fate. I used to believe, that people believed, in one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. I can't believe that anymore. But I believe in you, and I believe in me, and I believe in our power to surpass our old beliefs and burst into new faith, like the glorious phoenix rising from the ashes of death, towards resurrection and life.

I believe all this because of every single one of you. I believe in the people on this bus. Because of you, I now believe that people can make a difference. I now believe in laughter and song, and I believe in the old lady's smile, and I believe in the young man's tears.

I believe in healing.

And, most importantly, I believe that in the end, you and your loved ones will be together again, in the place where love and pain, birth and death, joy and sorrow, belief and fear, are one.

I love you all. Thank you for teaching me to believe again.


At 10:12 PM, Blogger Ellen said...

Again you have moved me. What Katrina had taken away from me in one day you and everyone on that bus gave back to me in one hour. You may not have given me the material things I lost, or the tools I need to repair my home, but what you gave me was much more. You see I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. No matter how horrible, no matter how unfair, no matter how inconcievable an event may be that there must be a reason for it. I have always believed in people being good. I have always believed that as an AMERICAN I was superior to all others. What I had lost was HOPE. When I came home the first time and saw the destruction around me I felt as though the end of the world had come. When my husband got to work helping with the recovery efforts and called me every night just to cry I LOST HOPE. When my children helped me throw out all of their toys, books, and prized possessions, I LOST HOPE. When my 70 year old neighbors had their home demolished I LOST HOPE. When I got a $7000 check from the insurance company to repair $40,000 worth of damage I LOST HOPE. But my hope has been restored. A phone call about a special show, a big blue bus, a group of smiling faces, a wink through falling tears, HUGS HUGS HUGS, and a moment of joy for my children. These things have given me the HOPE I need to continue surviving. You are my HOPE and I love you all for it, BELIEVE it!

At 9:43 PM, Blogger bayoutour2005 said...

ellen, YOU are so amazing. you and your beautiful family are why we all believe. thank YOU for being inspiration to us.

so much love, liz


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