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The World Art Project blog is a forum dedicated to helping Katrina Victims share the experience and journey of a group of Professional Actors, Singers and Performers who traveled to the Gulf Coast to help uplift the spirits of those surviors. Our hope is to provide insight, knowledge and offer way for readers to get involved and help in forms of Donations, support or expression of opinions and feelings.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

From A New Friend...

Dear Liza,

Your presence in Cafe Du Monde yesterday was truly inspiring. Thank you so much for your wonderful music. You had more of an impact that you probably imagined.

We were meeting with a group from a local church whose community was destroyed in the floods following Hurricane Katrina. We were working with them to help resolve some of their immediate challenges and also to help them rebuild their community and the neighborhood around them. Since they only knew one of us, they were not sure what to think and not sure whether to trust us. When your group appeared, none of us could figure out what was happening. Was it some type of protest or guerilla theater? What were you protesting? Then we heard your remarks and all of us realized your good intentions.

When your singing started, I looked around the table and everyone was
smiling and singing along with you. We were all genuinely touched.

What you did not know is what happened after you left. Somehow,
the music broke down the barriers and the trust grew stronger.
We were also able to solve the most immediate problem they had
and make great progress towards their longer term rebuilding.

Your music was exactly what was needed to begin the process. I
would be delighted to return the favor and do whatever I can to
help your organization.

Thank you so very much for your kindness,

A new friend
New Orleans, LA


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